Paituli web services

Several Paituli datasets are available as OGC web services: WMS, WFS, WMTS. WFS service is available only for vector datasets. All datasets available via web services are listed at the end of this page.

The license terms are the same for data downloaded via web services as via download service. The license terms and descriptions can be found from Metadata page.

The web services are available from these connection URLs:

Open datasets

Standard Connection URL


Datasets, that are available for students and personnel of Finnish universities for academic use

Description of protected web services is available only for logged in users..


WMTS-service's gridsets: ERTS-TM35-FIN (EPSG:3067, JHS180) and Spherical Mercator (EPSG:3857).



  • Guidelines for using web services.
  • Examples of using AVAA web services with OpenLayers library, can be found on AVAA OpenStreetMap page.


Datasets available as web services